What The Political War In South Africa Is Really About


South Africa re-writes the deals made by Nelson Mandela really

it was a turning point for many, the ability to move freely in one’s country and have a platform for opportunities, yet as clearly seen and felt by the working class, this was a drop in the ocean when it comes to economic participation, the biggest and most basic of  resources were still not accessible and owned by black people. it makes sense to have fought for political freedom and settled for the little freedom gained from it, these are the excuses I personally make for the late great nelson, who wanted peace and freedom for the people, it is only unfortunate that the price of peace is a temporary comfort in the ability to give bread to one’s children today, the ability to work years and years in a company, have a nice car, but never have a long lasting legacy, except for of course bragging rights for being the first one in the family to work for Deloitte. PWC or MTN at CEO level.

here is what Nelson Mandela did not do and pay attention to the list because its a burden today to our leaders and a legacy left by our parents to the youth of South Africa.

  • Did not secure economic participation for the majority
  • Did not secure primary resource ownership for the majority
  • Did not alleviate poverty or create platforms for the majority
  • Did not dismantle monopolies that cripple the economy
  • Did not look into accounting for work done performed by the poor who had no choice but to work in mines and other fields for pennies
  • Did not look into or act upon companies who were benefiting from apartheid structures
  • Did not question why the gap between the rich and the poor was so black and white
  • Did not protect the sovereignty of the state
  • Did not consider or act upon structures that legitimised and strengthened the struggle of the working class


surely we must come to a phase and state where we question why owning a business for a black man is a dream that can only materialise to a certain level, why that business must face intense scrutiny for it to make it to the JSE as a listed company. why the youngest millionaire who happened to be black faced criminal charges at the age of 23, why an excelling CEO like Brian Molefe also black faced media ridicule.

it is a reality that many black people face a future either as employees, SME’s or jobless. for the black child dreaming beyond these points include a thick skin and possible mocking, never dare threaten the system as a black man, you can ask Jacob Zuma.

unfortunately for President Jacob, it is his job to try and radically equate opportunities for the black child, it is his burden now to close the gap and ensure ownership goes to black people. 97% is the number to beat, a number that no president dared to tackle, simply because it was not wise to dare go against the system. he saw that we needed a radical transformation and that has made him a target of slander and pointing out of any mistake he makes, and truly he does have mistakes and to be candid let us revisit all the public and some private mistakes he has done.

  • Sexual intercourse with a friends daughter
  • Not questioning the amount of money to be spent on his home improvements
  • Selective relationships with business giants the Guptas
  • Accepting advice to hire Van Rojen as finance minister for the weekend
  • Throwing Julius Malema away like a used condom
  • These are the major mistakes that have made him the “not wanted” president and we can thank the Rupert owned media channels for adding fire to this petrol.

and even before we decide to form a decision, we need to understand the facts of where we sit as a country with a population of more than 55 million. for some reason, our minority owns much of our resources and some of these minorities are not citizens of this country. we need to see this picture and understand that tells us about our future as South Africa. we wake up every morning for freedom with peanuts and not all this is to blame on Nelson Mandela, we wish he could have stood his ground on those negotiations that he attended alone. the negotiations that forgot the MONEY.

for some reason, Nelson made peace without bringing back the MONEY, and we can sit and pretend as though this is nothing major, but the Money is now what makes the difference. what Nelson did not do, is now what Jacob is doing. we can look at the other issues and ignore the major issues that we should look into all because the Rupert controlled media has decided that we do not have the mental capacity or are not entitled to such knowledge.

pressing towards a reality where black companies are part of the 97% means that we must be radical, as stated by our president we are pressing towards radical economic transformation, let this be the  time we know that this is our position as a black nation, not a rainbow nation that lets other colours prosper more than others, or as you can see, does not have the colour black in it. as long as a leader looks into broader issues that seek to include more blacks in the MONEY circle, then that leader can be a drunkard who does not go to church for we care.


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