Ultimate Wealth Mindset

Building wealth

It is not satisfying to simply be rich and be able to make your life a lot easier and fancier, true satisfaction comes with the ability to build wealth, and make other people beneficiaries of your income, to be able to create opportunities for other people to grow and shine so that they, in turn, are able to so for other people. I do not want to give the keys to superficial gains of riches, but the keys to real wealth, not just intangible things, but also with the right and consistent state of mind required to be able to build wealth that will see your children and their children benefit.

It is no secret that there is no real security in the digital world and that in any given moment it can all come crashing down, the rich are not immune to financial crisis, yet for some reason it is believed that there are billionaires and even trillionaires, yet the truth is if they cannot simply go to the bank and withdraw 40 billion cash and stash it in a safe, many millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires go digital, think about it, the digital space that hackers and any nuclear bomb can simply wipe clean, real wealth is not about the growth of capital, but the maximization of all main resources for continued and consistent. Corporate America has somehow managed to privatize water; this is mainly because those that sell the idea of wealth as an ability to buy fancy cars and jewelry will do anything to ensure that the general public overlooks the resources that build wealth. This is the case worldwide, countries are ripped of natural resources while people are becoming millionaires simply with fat bank accounts, and parents are satisfied and proud of graduation gowns and deem that as a success. So let’s get into it.

  1. The acquisition and sustenance of natural resources

Securely and accurately knowing how to gain and have an abundance of a natural resource is a skill that we should be teaching our children. Natural resources like water, land, biodiversity and knowledgeable specialized human resource are the keys to wealth; it is not only in owning these but also in understanding how they are to be used, sustained and grown. It is in the most simple and basic of things that we find keys that ensure a sustained and prosperous life, the most common argument would be that one needs money and lots of it to be able to acquire these, it’s scary that we people buy water but that is what it has come to, yet this scary thought is also an opportunity, at some scale, when you can source and sell your own water then you can derive an income and expense relief to yourself. Better when you know how to sustain the generation of water as well other resources, I will be giving a lesson on water and other resources as a source of wealth but for now, put your head in the understanding that real wealth is natural resources.


  1. The building and sustenance of profitable relationships

Knowing a lot of people cannot miraculously make you wealthy, it is building, maintaining and growing profitable relationships that makes one wealthy, for a long time people used to believe that being famous also automatically mean that you are rich, sadly many do still believe this joke, yet if I am honest, there is some truth to this but it does not necessarily make it true. The more connections you make, the more relationships you build, the greater your prospects and ability to build on such prospectus, in a world of 7 billion plus, we have the ability to connect with millions and even that is not a quarter of the world’s population, it is possible to get a cent out of people and make money, but my focus is not on making money but building wealth, relationships with  other people that are building wealth is what matters, if you know a farmer and have a relationship that has some benefit to the farmer, then the farmer will have a relationship that is of some benefit to you, this is the economics of old, before electronics yet it is what separates the wealthy from the rich. Imagine knowing 10 farmers who produce 10 different produce, now imagine knowing manufacturers, imagine building relationships with retailers, I am not saying they will give you things for free, or that you can wake up tomorrow and start knocking on people’s doors, but that you should position yourself to be of benefit to them so that they are of benefit to you, and instead of running after quick sales, you should rather focus on building trust and longevity in whatever connects you to them.

  1. Take care of yourself

How many rich people do you know who died because of drug overdose, or some other kind of sickness that is linked to stress, taking care of oneself is in the mind of the wealthy, the wealthy do not toil and fuss over growing their bank accounts, the notation that hard work is the key to success is a lie. Water your garden, be conscious of what you eat, what you wear how you breathe and how you think, a wealthy mind takes into consideration elements that shape their reality into a peaceful one, they do not spend hours out grinding or hustling, this can exhaust you mentally, physically and spiritually. The most critical yet often overlooked truth about taking care of oneself is the reality of that this includes separating yourself from poisonous people, do you think for one second that there is someone in Warren Buffets house that’s making noise screaming and telling him how useless he is,  poisonous people are not welcome in a wealthy garden, the wealthy do not have people who doubt their thoughts as legit and possible, when they speak people listen with belief and absolute confidence, they are surrounded with positivity.


Building wealth requires a steady and truthful simple thought process, when we can think simple and learn what it take to build these simple ideas then we can access wealth, one thing that I also know is that faith and confidence plays a role, because you are not going to wake up tomorrow morning with all these supernatural capabilities to conceptualize a simple life and start acquiring resources  and knowing the right people, it takes time and faith, and because we live in such a processed world with so many processed people, the idea of such simplicity is often times deemed insane, hey I did not write the laws of this world and its system, but in my journey of becoming a part of the agricultural world I have seen things and been laughed at especially after leaving a business stream that promised great success. People shut down simplicity while paying it I don’t know why, but nonetheless I will be sharing more on this and similar topics please feel free to interact with me, our page on Facebook @causeiamwoman and visit my site to stay in touch with opportunities that I know of that are legit and promise great income, www.seeme.siterubix.com  and follow me on my hubs hubpages.com/@lydia_domes.

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