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Getting employed is not an option to everyone, and starting a business requires capital (money).  Surely there is a way to generate income, make money that you need to start a business, save to buy something you need or live the lifestyle of your choice. The truth is if you get rich quick, you will get poor quick. You need to have something that gives you work, something that you exchange your time for money, because if you do not have money to make money, then you have time to make money, either way, you must pay one price, either TIME or MONEY.

I wasted a lot of my time in things that did not offer me the money that was worth my time, and since I did not have money, using time to make money was the best option for me, as it is for everyone, yet sometimes we sell ourselves short, we do not know how to add value to our time, or use what we have to make money, yet we all want to get to a place where we could be able to make a decent living, independently and debt free, fortunately for anyone who is reading this article I have already done the research and everything I share is tried and tested and will prove worthy of your time, if and only if, you are willing to spend some time to make money or have money to spend to make money, either way, I am sharing this so that you do not go through the processes that exhaust you mentally and physically. I keep wanting to keep everyone posted on every opportunity I know and have spent time evaluating in order to ensure that I make money and keep my cash flow up consistently, without having a boss and without selling myself short. I do not gain anything from sharing with you, these are not referral schemes, I share with you so that you share with other people, if you like what you get simply follow me and stay posted on every opportunity that I post every week, feel free to ask questions  and interact with me on Facebook visit our page Cause I am Woman

This week I want to introduce everyone to empowr, check it is spelt EMPOWR, simply go your search engine type EMPOWR and sign up. This is a social democracy economic network where posting, sharing, liking other people posts gets earns you money. Their policy is that they share 97% of their revenue with a person who on the site, yes 97% goes back to the people. You find that they have good and bad reviews, the good reviews come from people who cash out the bad well obviously come from people who do not cash out, as someone who has cashed out, follow my guide as I have helped a lot of people get their dollars, if you are in south Africa or any country that allows you to use PayPal then you are good.

Pay attention because you need to follow this guide precisely to make sure you are a good citizen of EMPOWR.

Step 1:

  • Sign up, you can send me your email address and I will take you through everything or you can search on Google, they also have an app that you can download from Google play store it’s called EMPOWR simply download the app and you are ready to go after signing up then you are a citizen and you get your first $20.

Step 2:

  • Start posting, liking, sharing and participating in the platform, there is an option to blog and start communities within the site, get familiar with the site and how it works, you can only do this by taking time to completing your daily goals and learning, if you are a quick learner it should take about a week for you to get to know the site well, go in and make friends within the community, they call this closing loops. There are opportunities for you to sell your products or services and buy products or service. Once you are on the site, you need to remember that you are a citizen and just like in the real world, the more you work the more you earn.

Step 3:

  • Sign up for PayPal, remember you want to get paid, if you are a non-US citizen then PayPal is the only way. the reason you get PayPal is so you can cash out your earnings, this is where it gets tricky for everyone, I personally assist everyone I know for free, again you can leave your email address if you need me to hold your hand through the process I do this free of charge. Learn how PayPal works in your country, the best way is to go to the bank and ask a consultant, unfortunately, in South Africa, only FNB has PayPal services, I believe other banks will soon follow, but if you struggle, contact me.

Step 4:

  • Be consistent and positive, that is what the technicians at EMPOWR are looking at, remember you are not only a citizen but a working citizen, a positive citizen, if you are going to be on the platform once a week and criticize and complain then trust me you will join the bad reviewers, but if you are going to stay and do good then you will be one of those that gain an income from the platform. Please note like in the real world you make money and have expenses to pay, it is so in the empower platform, your earnings are gross profit, not net profit, the good thing is that you do not have to spend from your personal account but mainly from the empowr revenue. as I said I will be keeping you posted and staying in touch with everyone follow me, and look out for every opportunity that I will be sharing with you.






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