The elusive expression “it’s time for money” is the parameter we set for today’s school of, thought. to put a number on your time and to measure it in terms of economic sense. what are the main principles of the amount of money you earn in comparison to your time, in simple terms how much is your time worth and how can you improve your number so that your time earns you more money? as promised this school of thought gets straight to the point and break down key elements in this determination.

  1. how an economic measure is put in your time

you know when you finish university/college or high school and you get into your first job, your salary is measured by exposure and experience, the company looks into factors such as would you need training? how fast and quick can you complete a task? if too many resources have to spend by that company to make you a better employee, then your monthly or weekly wage decreases, amongst many considerations for your time is the technicality needed on the job, the level of sweat you have to put into it. while many might find this measure unfair, its truth is that it has an outdated consciousness. that not only values brainpower over the muscle but also categories based on economic return. simply put the more money a particular job puts into the company the more valuable the employee and the more money the employee makes.

knowing this what then should you do, if you are passionate about being a teacher, yet lack the experience and exposure, and quite honestly are not putting any money into a company and thus faces the reality of earning less or close to nothing. the solution is to economise the skill and passion. you see the truth is, it does not matter which industry or field you are in. when it comes to gaining knowledge and making a lot more money from your studies there is a big blue ocean of opportunities. but first, you have to identify these opportunities and do a little bit of research for that extra dollar if you can find smarter ways of doing work then why not? what have you got to lose?

now back to our teacher who wants to make a lot more money,  how does he or she begin this journey of economising?… remember our headline, it’s time for money and that’s where it all begins. the first step is doing a time analysis, how much time do you spend at work? how much time do you spend to commute to work? the kids the breakfast you must prepare the dinner etc. a simple timesheet should give you a solid view of your time and should help you see the gaps in-between. a study shows that while we have an 8 hour work schedule, people are only efficient and productive for only 6 hours or less and when we measure this we find that out of 24 hours of day minus the 8 hours of sleep leaving us with 16 hours of daily activity we use 6 hours to concentrate fully on the job, which means we have 10hours a day that does not make money. that’s 50 hours a week in a five-day period.

now again the teacher. now  I am not a teacher but I know I have opportunities for teaching, not only in my blog which only requires 60minutes of my time every day but also in tutor sites and other multiple public domains and platforms, I ask myself if I had an actual teaching degree how much would I make a month, and my answer is $3500 a month, now convert that into any other currency worldwide. now I know teachers have afterschool marking work and it is not as though they are only working 6hours. that is true, what is also true is that there is no law against gathering information and increasing your knowledge base, as a matter of fact, this is what helps you do a better job and all that you learn you learn it so you could teach.

now I am not saying do other things with your work time, I am saying start building your time to work for you, and you have to start somewhere, if you are really serious you can manage to have a database of where to go for what opportunities and how to use them, this will help you and help anyone you also want to help. and to constantly manipulate your time to suit you.

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