Has love been working out for you?



The 3 top things to know about love

While many love the idea of living in the Bubble that is called love, that is of cause based on the romantic ideas we see on TV, the reality of living in the space of comforting ultimate and complete love it is without a doubt that many fall into the spell because of all the joy that is found in love, but let me breakdown loves Identity once and for all.



  • Love is a persona



The truth is that, love has its own identity outside of what we believe it to be, the fantasy gives us a picture of how complete it can make a person feel, but it does not do a good job of identifying it’s personality, where, how and why it’s found.


Love exists as a persona in order to help the individuals that enter its gates grow, with that, it cannot be captured and limited to only a relationship between a Man and a woman, all that is love has a degree of opportunity to grow a space in it to learn

Patience, Trust, Loyalty, Kindness and etc. All of which are are traits that are developed and grown in love.


  1. Love also walks in dark places


One of the most misunderstood things about love, is where it is found, most people believe that love is found only in beautiful people who have Joy and happiness in them, sugar ,spice and everything nice. The truth is it moves in the darkest of places because that is where it really shines. As a law of life and a guidance from the universe love shines it’s light in dark places, it not that that love is the only happiness but that love is the ultimate happiness, it not that we only see it manifests with nice things around us, but the completeness and fulfillment found in love makes for healing to take place, clarity and joy to take place, upliftment to happen. Truly with love you win even if your losing.


  1. Love is absolute


There is no saying more untrue that the one that says love hurts, love is a lot of things in one, and hurt is not one of them, the pain we feel from losing a loved one is called loss not love, and loss hurts, the belief that the way to true love is painful is a fallacy, as a matter of fact those that feel that they have to go through trials in order to bond have a psychological disorder associated with the wounded child, it is a belief that is based on past pain associated with loved one’s, for example a little girl who had an abusive father grown into finding abusive relationships that she believes is love..


Love is absolute in that it knows itself and is confident in what it is, does not switch identities and make itself common, it does not try to fit in with the crowd, enjoys it’s absolution for the sake of evolution.


Worth every moment.


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