What matters more than being alive? the answer.. is actually living.


There s a difference between being alive and just breathing, and it has nothing to do with the amount of money have… your net worth, the type of family you come from or even your job, because people seem to make a mistake of thinking that being rich and famous equates to being alive, and there is nothing further from the truth.


yes being recognized and approved and valued in society can play a huge role in self-esteem, but believe me when I tell you many celebrities suffer from low self-esteem, in fact others become famous because of esteem issues , that is why inflated egos should never surprise you.

what is the value one can find from self and in life to make ones life a meaningful venture and journey worth telling to heaven? TRUTH TO SELF..

TRUTH TO SELF is the answer to many of life questions including your day to day problems, there more you are true to who you are the closer  you are to ultimate joy and happiness.

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