There is a new school of thought when it comes to the application of modern day economics. this new school comes as society grows into understanding that the tools to success are not what was previously thought to be. there are new doors opening and promising to be a lot more lucrative than the doors the generation before thought.

Today, people are very direct and straight to point about what they want and need, the hierarchy of need is now self-determined, and right at the top is MONEY.

how does one become more financially free? how do we manage the little that we have so that we can have more tomorrow? are we being wise with what we have today? what is out there that can make my pockets a lot deeper? having answers to these questions is what people want. because the more we are financially free the more happy and free we feel ourselves. economics are an integral part of our lives. we need to be more secure in our finances.

see me in offering a school of thought in all things economics we want to have a community of people that want to be in control of their financial state and not be controlled by it.

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