Ultimate Wealth Mindset

Building wealth

It is not satisfying to simply be rich and be able to make your life a lot easier and fancier, true satisfaction comes with the ability to build wealth, and make other people beneficiaries of your income, to be able to create opportunities for other people to grow and shine so that they, in turn, are able to so for other people. I do not want to give the keys to superficial gains of riches, but the keys to real wealth, not just intangible things, but also with the right and consistent state of mind required to be able to build wealth that will see your children and their children benefit.

It is no secret that there is no real security in the digital world and that in any given moment it can all come crashing down, the rich are not immune to financial crisis, yet for some reason it is believed that there are billionaires and even trillionaires, yet the truth is if they cannot simply go to the bank and withdraw 40 billion cash and stash it in a safe, many millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires go digital, think about it, the digital space that hackers and any nuclear bomb can simply wipe clean, real wealth is not about the growth of capital, but the maximization of all main resources for continued and consistent. Corporate America has somehow managed to privatize water; this is mainly because those that sell the idea of wealth as an ability to buy fancy cars and jewelry will do anything to ensure that the general public overlooks the resources that build wealth. This is the case worldwide, countries are ripped of natural resources while people are becoming millionaires simply with fat bank accounts, and parents are satisfied and proud of graduation gowns and deem that as a success. So let’s get into it.

  1. The acquisition and sustenance of natural resources

Securely and accurately knowing how to gain and have an abundance of a natural resource is a skill that we should be teaching our children. Natural resources like water, land, biodiversity and knowledgeable specialized human resource are the keys to wealth; it is not only in owning these but also in understanding how they are to be used, sustained and grown. It is in the most simple and basic of things that we find keys that ensure a sustained and prosperous life, the most common argument would be that one needs money and lots of it to be able to acquire these, it’s scary that we people buy water but that is what it has come to, yet this scary thought is also an opportunity, at some scale, when you can source and sell your own water then you can derive an income and expense relief to yourself. Better when you know how to sustain the generation of water as well other resources, I will be giving a lesson on water and other resources as a source of wealth but for now, put your head in the understanding that real wealth is natural resources.


  1. The building and sustenance of profitable relationships

Knowing a lot of people cannot miraculously make you wealthy, it is building, maintaining and growing profitable relationships that makes one wealthy, for a long time people used to believe that being famous also automatically mean that you are rich, sadly many do still believe this joke, yet if I am honest, there is some truth to this but it does not necessarily make it true. The more connections you make, the more relationships you build, the greater your prospects and ability to build on such prospectus, in a world of 7 billion plus, we have the ability to connect with millions and even that is not a quarter of the world’s population, it is possible to get a cent out of people and make money, but my focus is not on making money but building wealth, relationships with  other people that are building wealth is what matters, if you know a farmer and have a relationship that has some benefit to the farmer, then the farmer will have a relationship that is of some benefit to you, this is the economics of old, before electronics yet it is what separates the wealthy from the rich. Imagine knowing 10 farmers who produce 10 different produce, now imagine knowing manufacturers, imagine building relationships with retailers, I am not saying they will give you things for free, or that you can wake up tomorrow and start knocking on people’s doors, but that you should position yourself to be of benefit to them so that they are of benefit to you, and instead of running after quick sales, you should rather focus on building trust and longevity in whatever connects you to them.

  1. Take care of yourself

How many rich people do you know who died because of drug overdose, or some other kind of sickness that is linked to stress, taking care of oneself is in the mind of the wealthy, the wealthy do not toil and fuss over growing their bank accounts, the notation that hard work is the key to success is a lie. Water your garden, be conscious of what you eat, what you wear how you breathe and how you think, a wealthy mind takes into consideration elements that shape their reality into a peaceful one, they do not spend hours out grinding or hustling, this can exhaust you mentally, physically and spiritually. The most critical yet often overlooked truth about taking care of oneself is the reality of that this includes separating yourself from poisonous people, do you think for one second that there is someone in Warren Buffets house that’s making noise screaming and telling him how useless he is,  poisonous people are not welcome in a wealthy garden, the wealthy do not have people who doubt their thoughts as legit and possible, when they speak people listen with belief and absolute confidence, they are surrounded with positivity.


Building wealth requires a steady and truthful simple thought process, when we can think simple and learn what it take to build these simple ideas then we can access wealth, one thing that I also know is that faith and confidence plays a role, because you are not going to wake up tomorrow morning with all these supernatural capabilities to conceptualize a simple life and start acquiring resources  and knowing the right people, it takes time and faith, and because we live in such a processed world with so many processed people, the idea of such simplicity is often times deemed insane, hey I did not write the laws of this world and its system, but in my journey of becoming a part of the agricultural world I have seen things and been laughed at especially after leaving a business stream that promised great success. People shut down simplicity while paying it I don’t know why, but nonetheless I will be sharing more on this and similar topics please feel free to interact with me, our page on Facebook @causeiamwoman and visit my site to stay in touch with opportunities that I know of that are legit and promise great income, www.seeme.siterubix.com  and follow me on my hubs hubpages.com/@lydia_domes.

Start Making Money

Opportunity to make money

Getting employed is not an option to everyone, and starting a business requires capital (money).  Surely there is a way to generate income, make money that you need to start a business, save to buy something you need or live the lifestyle of your choice. The truth is if you get rich quick, you will get poor quick. You need to have something that gives you work, something that you exchange your time for money, because if you do not have money to make money, then you have time to make money, either way, you must pay one price, either TIME or MONEY.

I wasted a lot of my time in things that did not offer me the money that was worth my time, and since I did not have money, using time to make money was the best option for me, as it is for everyone, yet sometimes we sell ourselves short, we do not know how to add value to our time, or use what we have to make money, yet we all want to get to a place where we could be able to make a decent living, independently and debt free, fortunately for anyone who is reading this article I have already done the research and everything I share is tried and tested and will prove worthy of your time, if and only if, you are willing to spend some time to make money or have money to spend to make money, either way, I am sharing this so that you do not go through the processes that exhaust you mentally and physically. I keep wanting to keep everyone posted on every opportunity I know and have spent time evaluating in order to ensure that I make money and keep my cash flow up consistently, without having a boss and without selling myself short. I do not gain anything from sharing with you, these are not referral schemes, I share with you so that you share with other people, if you like what you get simply follow me  http://hubpages.com/@lydiadomes and stay posted on every opportunity that I post every week, feel free to ask questions  and interact with me on Facebook visit our page Cause I am Woman

This week I want to introduce everyone to empowr, check it is spelt EMPOWR, simply go your search engine type EMPOWR and sign up. This is a social democracy economic network where posting, sharing, liking other people posts gets earns you money. Their policy is that they share 97% of their revenue with a person who on the site, yes 97% goes back to the people. You find that they have good and bad reviews, the good reviews come from people who cash out the bad well obviously come from people who do not cash out, as someone who has cashed out, follow my guide as I have helped a lot of people get their dollars, if you are in south Africa or any country that allows you to use PayPal then you are good.

Pay attention because you need to follow this guide precisely to make sure you are a good citizen of EMPOWR.

Step 1:

  • Sign up, you can send me your email address and I will take you through everything or you can search on Google, they also have an app that you can download from Google play store it’s called EMPOWR simply download the app and you are ready to go after signing up then you are a citizen and you get your first $20.

Step 2:

  • Start posting, liking, sharing and participating in the platform, there is an option to blog and start communities within the site, get familiar with the site and how it works, you can only do this by taking time to completing your daily goals and learning, if you are a quick learner it should take about a week for you to get to know the site well, go in and make friends within the community, they call this closing loops. There are opportunities for you to sell your products or services and buy products or service. Once you are on the site, you need to remember that you are a citizen and just like in the real world, the more you work the more you earn.

Step 3:

  • Sign up for PayPal, remember you want to get paid, if you are a non-US citizen then PayPal is the only way. the reason you get PayPal is so you can cash out your earnings, this is where it gets tricky for everyone, I personally assist everyone I know for free, again you can leave your email address if you need me to hold your hand through the process I do this free of charge. Learn how PayPal works in your country, the best way is to go to the bank and ask a consultant, unfortunately, in South Africa, only FNB has PayPal services, I believe other banks will soon follow, but if you struggle, contact me.

Step 4:

  • Be consistent and positive, that is what the technicians at EMPOWR are looking at, remember you are not only a citizen but a working citizen, a positive citizen, if you are going to be on the platform once a week and criticize and complain then trust me you will join the bad reviewers, but if you are going to stay and do good then you will be one of those that gain an income from the platform. Please note like in the real world you make money and have expenses to pay, it is so in the empower platform, your earnings are gross profit, not net profit, the good thing is that you do not have to spend from your personal account but mainly from the empowr revenue.

www.seeme.siterubix.com as I said I will be keeping you posted and staying in touch with everyone follow me, and look out for every opportunity that I will be sharing with you.






The Ultimate Financial Guide

How to construct good financial goals

The modern day struggle that seems to have passed on from generation to generation is the inability to make good sound financial decisions, this is large because financial literacy has always been a habit of a certain class of people and even though majority of people are not an elite class of monetary holders there has never been an interest of society to formulate ways in which all classes can understand and make sound financial decisions.

In order to make good financial goals that are realistic and attainable we need to develop habits that support good financial reasoning, a reasoning that gas wealth as a goal and not just riches for the day. Our financial liberation lies in how we think of wealth, how we approach wealth and most importantly not making emotional decisions about money, so to break it down know that this article dives deeper into the realities of our finances and critically looks at the most suitable thinking tools that will ensure that everyone can live a happy abundant life with financial freedom as the cornerstone of abundance and prosperity.

  1. Analyse your needs

People are different, we want different things and the same thing that could make your neighbour happy is not necessarily what could make you happy. When looking into your needs look at what you need to make your life simpler and more joyful and look at this from a financial perspective. If for example you would like to travel and feel that this is the one thing that could make you happier, then think of traveling from a financial perspective, ask yourself what are the costs related to you traveling once in every month or once in every three months, because putting time to a goal brings you closer to realizing it. Once you know what you want to put it in your financial journal, where you edit costs, like if travelling with the fly emirates is more expensive that flying with Boeing you make an edit, to reduce costs, till you find the most affordable package for your travels.

Another example of analysing your need is finding things that could make your life easier, believe me, all human beings have this in them, we want things that make it simpler to live, we want a coffee machine, even though we have a teapot and a kettle. You must look deeper into these desires because the chances of making emotional decisions here are also very high, for example you find that you want a new cellphone an iphone7 when you already own a healthy iphone6, this is categorized as an emotional decision simply because it is neither a need that addresses a gap or a need that will improve your life significantly, I know many will argue that the new features are worth the upgrade, but remember we are discussing making sound financial goal by analyzing your needs. When looking at what you need be certain that you are not making an emotional decision, a decision that is related to keeping up with the joneses but one that is looking at your life and what makes you happy.

  1. Think assets instead of possessions

Financial masters have learned that wealth comes with having assets that will work for you, this can be the most basic of assets, like a computer. A computer has many functions that make life easier, and it can also generate an income, so whether even though it depreciates its function serves its worth, looking at having possessions make you very prone to collecting things that will fill up your space and complicate your life, remember you want to have things that make your life easier not clutter. You do not want to have just any asset you want one that will make your life a lot more simple and make money. The best asset to own without a doubt is, land and building, this asset appreciates, meaning it grows in value and can generate an income without you having to work hard, and has a number of ways of generating an income, so when you look at assets find out If they appreciate and how much effort do you need to put into them in order to make some money from them.

  1. Let your money do the walking

Financial goals should be those that involve you doing hard work today, so that you don’t do hard work tomorrow, the best way to do this is by generating money today so that you have money to invest tomorrow, personally I have found that investing money in a bank takes forever for it grow and give me the financial freedom I need, that is why is would rather invest in an asset or a business, this is completely up to you. If you have no problem with waiting for an income to grow at 6% per annum then invest in a bank. But if you want to speed up the time it takes for you to have the life you desire.

There are many ways of growing your dollar; you can now put your dollar into a cryptocurrency which has a deflation value instead of an inflation value. So really there are no limits to what can be done, depending on your goal, invest in something that will suit your financial capabilities and needs.

  1. Adjust your financial habits

Your financial lifestyle should suit your financial goals, this is important, because many people have goals, to buy a house by the end of the year, they open a savings account to meet this goal, then find in-between the year then they find themselves needing the money to patch up on this expense and that debt etc. this is when the goal does not meet the lifestyle. Truth is, there is a price to be paid for everything, when you want to buy a house by the end of the year you need to change you spending habits, and honestly need to adjust your appetite for going out on Saturdays, buying kids toys, transport and everything. You have to set the goal along with the lifestyle and be mentally prepared for having less and spending less throughout the year.

  1. Create wealth not riches

It should be known that there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy, rich people have enough to provide for themselves and all that is related to them, wealthy people create opportunities for others to generate income from their work, this ensures that there is a continuous flow of money between them and everyone they know. So when looking at setting a goal to think deeply on whether that goal has longevity or not. Will there be an opportunity for you to rebuild if anything happens to your current goal? And who gets an opportunity from your goal, yes I said look for something that will make you happy and benefit you, but you should extend that into making sure that the benefit can last and the happiness is shared.

What The Political War In South Africa Is Really About


South Africa re-writes the deals made by Nelson Mandela really

it was a turning point for many, the ability to move freely in one’s country and have a platform for opportunities, yet as clearly seen and felt by the working class, this was a drop in the ocean when it comes to economic participation, the biggest and most basic of  resources were still not accessible and owned by black people. it makes sense to have fought for political freedom and settled for the little freedom gained from it, these are the excuses I personally make for the late great nelson, who wanted peace and freedom for the people, it is only unfortunate that the price of peace is a temporary comfort in the ability to give bread to one’s children today, the ability to work years and years in a company, have a nice car, but never have a long lasting legacy, except for of course bragging rights for being the first one in the family to work for Deloitte. PWC or MTN at CEO level.

here is what Nelson Mandela did not do and pay attention to the list because its a burden today to our leaders and a legacy left by our parents to the youth of South Africa.

  • Did not secure economic participation for the majority
  • Did not secure primary resource ownership for the majority
  • Did not alleviate poverty or create platforms for the majority
  • Did not dismantle monopolies that cripple the economy
  • Did not look into accounting for work done performed by the poor who had no choice but to work in mines and other fields for pennies
  • Did not look into or act upon companies who were benefiting from apartheid structures
  • Did not question why the gap between the rich and the poor was so black and white
  • Did not protect the sovereignty of the state
  • Did not consider or act upon structures that legitimised and strengthened the struggle of the working class


surely we must come to a phase and state where we question why owning a business for a black man is a dream that can only materialise to a certain level, why that business must face intense scrutiny for it to make it to the JSE as a listed company. why the youngest millionaire who happened to be black faced criminal charges at the age of 23, why an excelling CEO like Brian Molefe also black faced media ridicule.

it is a reality that many black people face a future either as employees, SME’s or jobless. for the black child dreaming beyond these points include a thick skin and possible mocking, never dare threaten the system as a black man, you can ask Jacob Zuma.

unfortunately for President Jacob, it is his job to try and radically equate opportunities for the black child, it is his burden now to close the gap and ensure ownership goes to black people. 97% is the number to beat, a number that no president dared to tackle, simply because it was not wise to dare go against the system. he saw that we needed a radical transformation and that has made him a target of slander and pointing out of any mistake he makes, and truly he does have mistakes and to be candid let us revisit all the public and some private mistakes he has done.

  • Sexual intercourse with a friends daughter
  • Not questioning the amount of money to be spent on his home improvements
  • Selective relationships with business giants the Guptas
  • Accepting advice to hire Van Rojen as finance minister for the weekend
  • Throwing Julius Malema away like a used condom
  • These are the major mistakes that have made him the “not wanted” president and we can thank the Rupert owned media channels for adding fire to this petrol.

and even before we decide to form a decision, we need to understand the facts of where we sit as a country with a population of more than 55 million. for some reason, our minority owns much of our resources and some of these minorities are not citizens of this country. we need to see this picture and understand that tells us about our future as South Africa. we wake up every morning for freedom with peanuts and not all this is to blame on Nelson Mandela, we wish he could have stood his ground on those negotiations that he attended alone. the negotiations that forgot the MONEY.

for some reason, Nelson made peace without bringing back the MONEY, and we can sit and pretend as though this is nothing major, but the Money is now what makes the difference. what Nelson did not do, is now what Jacob is doing. we can look at the other issues and ignore the major issues that we should look into all because the Rupert controlled media has decided that we do not have the mental capacity or are not entitled to such knowledge.

pressing towards a reality where black companies are part of the 97% means that we must be radical, as stated by our president we are pressing towards radical economic transformation, let this be the  time we know that this is our position as a black nation, not a rainbow nation that lets other colours prosper more than others, or as you can see, does not have the colour black in it. as long as a leader looks into broader issues that seek to include more blacks in the MONEY circle, then that leader can be a drunkard who does not go to church for we care.



The elusive expression “it’s time for money” is the parameter we set for today’s school of, thought. to put a number on your time and to measure it in terms of economic sense. what are the main principles of the amount of money you earn in comparison to your time, in simple terms how much is your time worth and how can you improve your number so that your time earns you more money? as promised this school of thought gets straight to the point and break down key elements in this determination.

  1. how an economic measure is put in your time

you know when you finish university/college or high school and you get into your first job, your salary is measured by exposure and experience, the company looks into factors such as would you need training? how fast and quick can you complete a task? if too many resources have to spend by that company to make you a better employee, then your monthly or weekly wage decreases, amongst many considerations for your time is the technicality needed on the job, the level of sweat you have to put into it. while many might find this measure unfair, its truth is that it has an outdated consciousness. that not only values brainpower over the muscle but also categories based on economic return. simply put the more money a particular job puts into the company the more valuable the employee and the more money the employee makes.

knowing this what then should you do, if you are passionate about being a teacher, yet lack the experience and exposure, and quite honestly are not putting any money into a company and thus faces the reality of earning less or close to nothing. the solution is to economise the skill and passion. you see the truth is, it does not matter which industry or field you are in. when it comes to gaining knowledge and making a lot more money from your studies there is a big blue ocean of opportunities. but first, you have to identify these opportunities and do a little bit of research for that extra dollar if you can find smarter ways of doing work then why not? what have you got to lose?

now back to our teacher who wants to make a lot more money,  how does he or she begin this journey of economising?… remember our headline, it’s time for money and that’s where it all begins. the first step is doing a time analysis, how much time do you spend at work? how much time do you spend to commute to work? the kids the breakfast you must prepare the dinner etc. a simple timesheet should give you a solid view of your time and should help you see the gaps in-between. a study shows that while we have an 8 hour work schedule, people are only efficient and productive for only 6 hours or less and when we measure this we find that out of 24 hours of day minus the 8 hours of sleep leaving us with 16 hours of daily activity we use 6 hours to concentrate fully on the job, which means we have 10hours a day that does not make money. that’s 50 hours a week in a five-day period.

now again the teacher. now  I am not a teacher but I know I have opportunities for teaching, not only in my blog which only requires 60minutes of my time every day but also in tutor sites and other multiple public domains and platforms, I ask myself if I had an actual teaching degree how much would I make a month, and my answer is $3500 a month, now convert that into any other currency worldwide. now I know teachers have afterschool marking work and it is not as though they are only working 6hours. that is true, what is also true is that there is no law against gathering information and increasing your knowledge base, as a matter of fact, this is what helps you do a better job and all that you learn you learn it so you could teach.

now I am not saying do other things with your work time, I am saying start building your time to work for you, and you have to start somewhere, if you are really serious you can manage to have a database of where to go for what opportunities and how to use them, this will help you and help anyone you also want to help. and to constantly manipulate your time to suit you.


There is a new school of thought when it comes to the application of modern day economics. this new school comes as society grows into understanding that the tools to success are not what was previously thought to be. there are new doors opening and promising to be a lot more lucrative than the doors the generation before thought.

Today, people are very direct and straight to point about what they want and need, the hierarchy of need is now self-determined, and right at the top is MONEY.

how does one become more financially free? how do we manage the little that we have so that we can have more tomorrow? are we being wise with what we have today? what is out there that can make my pockets a lot deeper? having answers to these questions is what people want. because the more we are financially free the more happy and free we feel ourselves. economics are an integral part of our lives. we need to be more secure in our finances.

see me in offering a school of thought in all things economics we want to have a community of people that want to be in control of their financial state and not be controlled by it.

sign up for opportunities and knowledge on the best alternatives for financial wellbeing given to you in a practical, real and no bullshit manner.

GET TO THE TOP! be better than everyone else

Who does not want to be a better version of themselves? what we often underestimate is our ability to progress and develop our self-worth and presence, and also we underestimate how quickly we can do this. the truth is the visions we have of ourselves are very much within our grasp and the time sooner than we think.

Answer this questions and very honestly.

  1. do you sometimes look at other people and wish you had what they had or lived a day in their shoes?
  2. do you post things on social media and check to see who liked what you posted?
  3. do you go through a number of clothing items before you finally decide which one you are going to wear?
  4. do you always announce something that you did over the weekend on social media and wait to see who comments?
  5. do you change your hairstyle at least three times a month?
  6. are very descriptive about your sense of style?

if you answered yes to at least four of these questions then, there are a number of things in your life that you would like to improve or change. you have the ability to live in self-envy and complete satisfaction of who you are, but you do need to have a review of the most basic aspects of your life. the three most important aspects that dramatically improve your life are.

  1.  your finances
  2.  your spirituality
  3.  and your relationships

write these down and ask yourself honestly. are you fully satisfied with the current status of all these aspects of your life?

if not what can you do to improve these areas? SEE ME has the tools and wants to share them with you.

sign up for our programme and begin the journey in improving yourself, it’s completely free to leave your email address.

Has love been working out for you?



The 3 top things to know about love

While many love the idea of living in the Bubble that is called love, that is of cause based on the romantic ideas we see on TV, the reality of living in the space of comforting ultimate and complete love it is without a doubt that many fall into the spell because of all the joy that is found in love, but let me breakdown loves Identity once and for all.



  • Love is a persona



The truth is that, love has its own identity outside of what we believe it to be, the fantasy gives us a picture of how complete it can make a person feel, but it does not do a good job of identifying it’s personality, where, how and why it’s found.


Love exists as a persona in order to help the individuals that enter its gates grow, with that, it cannot be captured and limited to only a relationship between a Man and a woman, all that is love has a degree of opportunity to grow a space in it to learn

Patience, Trust, Loyalty, Kindness and etc. All of which are are traits that are developed and grown in love.


  1. Love also walks in dark places


One of the most misunderstood things about love, is where it is found, most people believe that love is found only in beautiful people who have Joy and happiness in them, sugar ,spice and everything nice. The truth is it moves in the darkest of places because that is where it really shines. As a law of life and a guidance from the universe love shines it’s light in dark places, it not that that love is the only happiness but that love is the ultimate happiness, it not that we only see it manifests with nice things around us, but the completeness and fulfillment found in love makes for healing to take place, clarity and joy to take place, upliftment to happen. Truly with love you win even if your losing.


  1. Love is absolute


There is no saying more untrue that the one that says love hurts, love is a lot of things in one, and hurt is not one of them, the pain we feel from losing a loved one is called loss not love, and loss hurts, the belief that the way to true love is painful is a fallacy, as a matter of fact those that feel that they have to go through trials in order to bond have a psychological disorder associated with the wounded child, it is a belief that is based on past pain associated with loved one’s, for example a little girl who had an abusive father grown into finding abusive relationships that she believes is love..


Love is absolute in that it knows itself and is confident in what it is, does not switch identities and make itself common, it does not try to fit in with the crowd, enjoys it’s absolution for the sake of evolution.


Worth every moment.


Enjoyed the read. Please give me your feedback.



What matters more than being alive? the answer.. is actually living.


There s a difference between being alive and just breathing, and it has nothing to do with the amount of money have… your net worth, the type of family you come from or even your job, because people seem to make a mistake of thinking that being rich and famous equates to being alive, and there is nothing further from the truth.


yes being recognized and approved and valued in society can play a huge role in self-esteem, but believe me when I tell you many celebrities suffer from low self-esteem, in fact others become famous because of esteem issues , that is why inflated egos should never surprise you.

what is the value one can find from self and in life to make ones life a meaningful venture and journey worth telling to heaven? TRUTH TO SELF..

TRUTH TO SELF is the answer to many of life questions including your day to day problems, there more you are true to who you are the closer  you are to ultimate joy and happiness.



There are psychological adjustments in your life that you can take to make big things happen in your life, by big things I mean real tangible measurable movements in your life that can lead you towards greatness and the life you have always dreamed of, this is the life that when you go to sleep you imagine, the life that when you talk to your family you really wish it were a reality, and you sometimes use this dream life as an escape from the current life that you are living.

there is something you can do about it, you have to decide today to make waves, make a move and start living the best life. i am going to break down the three things that you must do right now to start the journey toward s the life of your dreams.



what you must do right now as you read this article is to tell your self tell your brain tell your body your heart to make a positive choice, a choice that says  i am right now choosing to be a more happy, more fulfilled version of myself, feel your brain cells light up as you affirm this to yourself, tell yourself that no matter what happens you choose joy, let the storms and rains and walls come your are ready and sure that you want to live a more positive life.

the truth is there is power in decision making, this power comes from our higher self it is something that is giving to human beings from birth, you have this power it is decisive power and it generates its energy from you, from the conscious you, the moment you activate your power is the moment the universe listens to you and starts to put your will into motion, therefore activate your power and start your life right now.

2. Write yourself down

write everything there is write about yourself, take a notebook right now and start writing  tell yourself about yourself, everything, make sure you note down all that you need to note down, then come into a sense of what you want, DO NOT, be afraid of your desires, let yourself know what you truly want, if you want more money then tell yourself that you want more money, if you want more sex then tell yourself that you want more sex tell all.